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Folacoat Ultra A

With Folacoat Ultra-A, the next generation of the 1.95 mm thick coating plate is now ready to be launched and will replace the Folacoat Ultra-T.

The brand new Folacoat Ultra-A impresses with an even broader range of applications. The soft top polymer achieves a sharp-edged coating transfer. Especially with critical substrates (e.g. recycled cardboard), our new coating plate delivers optimal coating results at maximum printing speeds.

The tensile strength is achieved by a polyester film that is positioned in the center of the coating plate. This guarantees fiber-free recesses. There is no need to re-tension the coating plate and machine downtimes are reduced to a minimum.

In contrast to many rubber-based coating blankets, the compressible element is attached under the polyester carrier. It is thus protected against penetration by washing agents or coatings and can be used multiple times. Water-based and UV coatings can be processed perfectly. In the usual way, coating forms can be produced quickly and hassle-free.

The Folacoat Ultra-A is available in thicknesses of 1.95 mm and 2.40 mm.

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Cut sheets

Art. NumberNominal thickness (inch)Nominal thickness (mm)


Art. NumberWidth (mm)Length (m)Nominal thickness (inch)Nominal thickness (mm)

Technical data


  • Suitable for aqueous coating
  • Suitable for UV coating
  • manual cutting possible
  • Ideal for CAD cutting systems
  • Compressible foam
  • Polyester-basis/ -carrier


Thickness of polymer layer0.80 mm (.0315'')
Thickness of carrier 1.15 mm (.045'')
Tolerance of thickness ±0.05 mm (.002'')
Type of coating transfer direct coating
Plate hardness82 Shore A
Nominal thickness (inch).077
Nominal thickness (mm)1.95
Surface treatment
Hardness of polymer (DIN 53505)76 Shore A
Base MaterialPolyester/Foam-fabric-lamination


Recommended cutting depth: exactly 0.82 mm (.032''). If you like to remove the slipping film before cutting, reduce depth by 0.02 mm (.0008”). The pink polymer should be cut through, without cutting into the polyester carrier deeper than 20 µm (.0008”). Deeper cuts will reduce stability and must be avoided. If manual cuts are carried out, it should be ensured that an even ideal cutting depth is maintained to prevent unnecessary scoring of the polyester film. The foam/fabric lamination on the backside can be removed if it’s necessary for an easy fastening and closure of the clamping bars.

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