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Folacoat Easyspot

For many years, our self-adhesive polymer film, Folacoat Easyspot, has offered the possibility of producing spot coating forms with simple means. This cost-effective polymer film has enjoyed worldwide popularity and is used in commercial and packaging printing.

With Folacoat Easyspot AC, we were once again able to improve the popular product. The modified polymer has significantly improved coating transfer. With a Shore A hardness of 83°, the self-adhesive polymer achieves the best coating results with a sharp-edged coating transfer. In addition, transparency has been improved. The blue-transparent film allows cutting contours to be seen more clearly. Cutting can be done manually by hand or by CAD cutting plotter.

As a cost-effective alternative to finished coating plates, the film is applied to a dry offset printing plate. An exposed and absolutely grease-free printing plate (wash off protective rubber coating with water if necessary) forms a good carrier and creates optimum adhesion conditions.

Instead of the printing plate, a polyester carrier can also serve as a base. Due to the transparency of the polymer film, the coating plate produced can be quickly and easily cut and stripped at the points where no coating transfer is to take place. 

For bubble-free application of the polymer film to the substrate, we offer you a proven, extremely practical aid in the form of the mounting squeegee.

Folacoat Easyspot AC is recommended for the transfer of dispersion coatings. In numerous tests, good results could also be realized with smaller runs in conjunction with UV coatings.

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Art. NumberWidth (mm)Length (m)Nominal thickness (inch)Nominal thickness (mm)

Technical data


  • Recommended for direct coating
  • Suitable for aqueous coating
  • manual cutting possible
  • Ideal for CAD cutting systems
  • Adhesive light
  • Transparent


Tolerance of thickness ±0.05 mm (.002')
Nominal thickness (inch).0354
Nominal thickness (mm)0.90
Hardness of polymer (DIN 53505)83 Shore A


  • Rollenoffset
  • Suitable for aqueous coatings

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