Eco Line

Folacoat Flex

The Folacoat Flex is a compressible coating plate in the 1.15 and 1.35 mm thickness and can ensure best coating coverage of the sheet, even on critical substrates (recycled cardboard). The compound of the pink polymer and the compressible layer transfer the water-based coating in an optimal manner. The compressible layer improves the runnability of coating plate in the printing process and improves the coating transfer.
The single-layer polyester carrier provides the necessary dimension stability and allows the multiple use. This plate can be cut manually by hand or with a CAD cutting system.

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Cut sheets

Art. NumberNominal thickness (inch)Nominal thickness (mm)
12543.115.99900.0451.15 PDF


Art. NumberWidth (mm)Length (m)Nominal thickness (inch)Nominal thickness (mm)

Technical data


  • Recommended for direct coating
  • Suitable for aqueous coating
  • Ideal for CAD cutting systems
  • Compressible foam
  • Polyester-basis/ -carrier


Thickness of polymer layer0.55 mm (.0217'')
Thickness of foam 0.45 mm (.0177'')
Thickness of carrier 0.35 mm (.0137')
Tolerance of thickness ± 0.05 mm (.002'')
Type of coating transfer direct coating
Plate hardness75 Shore A
Nominal thickness (inch).053
Nominal thickness (mm)1.35
Surface treatment
Hardness of polymer 83 Shore A
Base MaterialPolyester


  • Suitable for aqueous coatings


NOMINAL THICKNESS 1.35 mm: Recommended cutting depth: about 0.75 mm (.0295”). The polyester film in the middle is a cutting protection and helps to avoid deformations of the carrier-film below. Please make sure that the cut goes correctly through the polymer into the foam. Due to the remaining parts of foam left after stripping, attention must be made at the top and bottom areas that will be clamped. Maybe it is necessary to remove all excess foam to enable correct location into the press clamps.

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