Membrane Separation Technology

For industrial separation processes we coat multilayer composite membranes for the hydrophilic pervaporation, vapor permeation and allied processes. Other specialties include membranes for the production of sensors for analytical measuring systems and membrane laboratory equipment.

Your contact for inquiries for Membrane Technology:

Dr. Daniel Sutter
Product Manager CM-Membranes
T +41 41 819 39 60
F +41 41 819 39 80


Sign Making

A varnish still represents the most durable option to apply lettering in sign making. On difficult, uneven surfaces it often is the only option. Ever since the self-adhesive cutting stencil, masking tape by Regulus has been known for its qualities: It provides razor-sharp edges, will remain puncture-proof even if several layers are applied, and can be removed without leaving any residue, all of which allows you to work professionally with tarp, vehicles, facades, and awnings. In addition, paper stencils offer a significant benefit when compared to film: They are friendlier to the environment.

Technical Bureau

Folex drafting films can be personalized with pen plotters, large format copiers or letter manually with graphite pencils, lead or polymer mines. Practical tools such as filing strips, hole reinforcement strips and various bands round off our product range for the technical bureau.

Laser-Ablative Dry Film

Laser Ablative Dry Film

Laser-Ablative Dry Film