Stencil Paper

REGUsign P20

A varnish still represents the most durable option to apply lettering in sign making. On difficult, uneven surfaces it often is the only option. Ever since the self-adhesive cutting stencil, masking tape by Regulus has been known for its qualities: It provides razor-sharp edges, will remain puncture-proof even if several layers are applied, and can be removed without leaving any residue, all of which allows you to work professionally with tarp, vehicles, facades, and awnings. In addition, paper stencils offer a significant benefit when compared to film: They are friendlier to the environment.


Art. NumberWidth (mm)Length (m)

Technical data



Paint masks, cut by plotters or manually, for solvent based or water
based laquers, for use on even surfaces like:
Painted metal, tarpaulin, foam boards and other plastic boards, wood,
glass, and many other surfaces.



  • High precision edges
  • Simple weeding of small and large characters
  • Accepts writing with ball-point pen or pencil
  • Perfect adhesion on the above mentioned surfaces
  • No curl of the open edges with aqueous or solvent based laquers
  • Precise edges even after long drying time
  • Multiple layers of paint possible
  • Can be removed without residues


Impregnated special stencil paper for paint masks, self-adhesive,

with siliconized release liner.


Release linersiliconized paper
Width (mm)1200
Core Diameter76 mm
Adhesion strength~ 1.5 N / 25 mm (A.F.E.R.A.)
Type of adhesivenatural caoutchouc, blue coloured
Length (m)50
Base Materialimpregnated special paper
Total thickness210my +/-20%, 183g/m² +/-15%
Packing quantity 1 roll



The surfaces must be dry and free of dust, grease, silicone or other
impurities which could influence the adhesion of the mask or the paint.


The temperature during the application must reach at least 15°C.


The best pressure of the knife is reached, if fine details are easy to weed
and the release liner is not cut.


The positive parts of the mask are removed with tweezers, a needle, a
knife or any other suitable tool.


A medium or high tack application tape (film or paper) should be used for


With a brush or a roller or by air brush, in multiple layers if required.
To achieve a good painting it is important to work thoroughly and to
choose the right degree of dilution of the paint as well as a paint thinner
adapted for the application. For this reason the recommendations of the
paint manufactuer must be observed imperatively.


The paint mask can only be removed after sufficient drying of the paint.


  • Store in a cool and dry place