Waterbased Inks

SI 171

Ink Jet Canvas for framed printings or for stretching on wooden frames. Material 100% cotton, coated on one side, with natural structured surface. Suitable for art prints, lifestyle posters, exhibition work and stage decoration.

Printing Systems


Art. NumberWidth (mm)GrammageLength (m)
22171.350.35800610360 g/m²15PDF
22171.350.38900914360 g/m²15PDF
22171.350.304001067360 g/m²15PDF
22171.350.309001118360 g/m²15PDF
22171.350.319001270360 g/m²15PDF
22171.350.349001520360 g/m²15PDF

Technical data


  • High brillance of colours
  • Flexible coating for good strechability
  • Natural finish on the reverse side
  • Low-reflective printing surface
  • Tear resistant


  • White matt


Coating Printsidemicroporous coating
Width (mm)1520
Grammage360 g/m²
Core Diameter76 mm
Length (m)15
Base Material100% cotton, 2:1 weave
Packing quantity 1 roll


  • Suitable for most large format Ink Jet printers using waterbased dye, pigment or latex inks


  • Due to the natural components of the cotton textile in the grey fabric the surface finish can slightly vary. Minor colour deviations can also occur in different production lots.
  • A too high air humidity can affect the flatness of the product. This could lead to malfunctions in the printing process and thus alter the printed image. For this reason SI 171 should only be removed from its original packing directly before printing.
  • An additional protection of the printed surface is required when it is subject to abrasion, hand perspiration or other mechanical influences. In this case the print must be protected with a suitable clear varnish or a liquid lamination product.
  • When using dye inks, the printed image must be protected in any case with a clear varnish or a liquid lamination product in order to improve the colour fastness.


  • Shelf life: 1 year after delivery
  • Store in a cool and dry place at a room temperature of 15 - 25°C and at a humidity of 30 - 60%.

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