Self-adhesive Films

CLP Adhesive P WO

Gloss white permanent self-adhesive film with a silicon paper release liner. Ideal for stickers, signs, decals and posters. Tear resistant and can be used in worst internal or external conditions. The imaged film has outstanding toner bonding, is water resistant and can be used in all weather conditions.

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Art. NumberFormatNominal thickness (mm)Packing quantity

Technical data


  • True colour
  • Excellent toner bonding
  • Tear resistant
  • Splash resistant


  • White glossy


Coating PrintsideLaser & Copier colour
Width (inch)12.6
Width (mm)320
PrintsideSpecial reactive coating for toner
Adhesion strength~ 3.5 - 5.0 N / 25 mm (A.F.E.R.A.), after 24 h ~ 10 N / 25 mm (A.F.E.R.A.)
Type of adhesivedispersion
Length (inch)17.72
Length (mm)450
Nominal thickness (mil)2
Nominal thickness (mm)0.050
BacksideSelf adhesive with paper release liner
Temperature rangeglued +5°C up to +80°C
Base MaterialPolyester film
Packing quantity 200


  • For use on most Mono & Colour Laser Printers.


  • Please follow the handling instructions supplied with this product as well as the Copier / Printer manufacturers manual.
  • Surface Protection: The product can be used outdoor without lamination. However, the surface must be protected in order to improve weathering resistance or if the film is subject to any mechanical influences. In this case you should use self-adhesive laminating foils. If silicon oil is added depending on the type of machine this may influence the adherence of the laminating foil on the film’s surface. It is necessary to make some tests on a sample sheet before further processing.
  • All even, smooth surfaces which are dry and free of dirt, grease, silicon etc. can be adhered. The surface to be adhered to must be checked for suitability and professionally prepared (cleaned) before application. If applied onto curved surfaces please be aware that label lift off can occur especially if the radius is tight. Gluing on low-energy surfaces such as LDPE PE PP will be not recommended. Please note: It is up to the user to test for there own suitability/application, due to the wide variety of surfaces, applications & desired results. Adhesion temperature at least 15°C.
  • Avoid moisture and fingerprints.


  • Shelf life: 1 year after delivery
  • Store in the closed original packaging in a cool and dry place at a room temperature of 15 - 25°C and at a humidity of 30 - 60%.

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