Waterbased Inks

Folajet QD-CL

A top coated transparent polyester film for high resolution photographic overlays and Ohp’s. This film is the ultimate in dimensional stability. It gives excellent flatness and colour contrast reproduction even when using high levels of ink, reducing the possibility of material distortion. The film is tear resistant and has excellent transparency properties for good see through clarity. Clear film offers excellent handling and dimensional stability properties. Images dry quickly. HP/RS is a removable paper stripe version for Hewlett Packard plotters that require sensors to detect clear film.

Printing Systems


Art. NumberWidth (mm)Length (m)Nominal thickness (mm)

Technical data


  • Good flatness
  • Good stiffness
  • High resolution
  • No bleeding
  • Tear resistant
  • Fast dry


  • Clear transparent


Coating PrintsideInk Jet
Width (inch)24
Width (mm)610
PrintsideMatt Side
Length (ft)98.43
Length (m)30
Nominal thickness (mil)4
Nominal thickness (mm)0.100
Base MaterialPolyester film
Packing quantity 1


  • Suitable for most Ink Jet plotters using waterbased dye inks.
  • Not compatible with oil and solvent based systems.


  • Between 15-30°C and 30-70% r.h.
  • Print side = matt white side
  • A preconditioning period of 24 hours within the printing environment is recommended.
  • Avoid fingerprints on printing side.


  • Unopened in original packaging storage time is 1 year after shipment (under recommended storage conditions).
  • Store in the closed original packaging in a cool and dry place at a room temperature of 15 - 25°C and at a humidity of 30 - 60%.

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