Grinding Stones

ROTOCALCO® Grinding stones for steel surfaces

Steel material needs to be removed evenly at the cylinder base in order to create a suitable substrate for later copper plating. Rotocalco steel grinding stones are designed to aggressively remove stock without generating undesirable grinding patterns. This product is available in a 280 grit for more aggressive grinding, and a 400 grit for more polished finishing.

Cut sheets

Art. NumberOuter Hole Diameter in mmHeight approx. (mm)Centre Hole Diameter in mmGrit sizepcs per package

Technical data


Outer Hole Diameter in mm190
Height approx. (mm)50
Centre Hole Diameter in mm50
Grit size280
pcs per package14


  • Grindstones for chrome surfaces
  • Grinding stones for steel surfaces


Outside diameter of grinding stone +/- 5 mm

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